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Nick & Tani is an epic love prank battle between nick and tani who are the main characters of scary teacher 3D.
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Sep 2, 2022
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Nick & Tani is an epic love prank battle between nick and tani who are the main characters of scary teacher 3D.

This is the story of a popular boy and a popular girl battling it out for glory!
Both Nick and Tani rally their sides in an attempt to win back their school and gain dominance over what they feel is rightfully theirs. This battle sets off a series of pranks and mischief, as the boys and girls fight for their ultimate high school supremacy!

About Nick & Tani : Funny Story APK for iOS/iPhone/iMac/iPad/MacBook

Experience new ways of pranking your love and brag about it. Become the coolest high school kid in the epic prank battle.

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How Do I Install This APK File On My iPhone? (Explained)

  • First, you need to download the IPA version of the APK file you’re looking to download from APKiOSDownload.
  • After that, the next step requires you to download and install another app, called Cydia Impactor. Without this app, there’s no way you’ll be able to sign in to your Apple account to use the already downloaded IPA file.
  • So, ensure to download and install Cydia Impactor( on your iOS device.
  • After that, you need to connect your iOS device using either a Windows device or a MAC device.
  • After successfully connecting your iOS device, the next thing you need is to launch the already downloaded Cydia Impactor app.
  • After launching the app, you need to proceed and paste the already downloaded IPA file, which happens to be the iOS equivalent of the APK file you want to download.
  • Next, you need to re-sign your Apple ID. After that, tap on the ID to begin the installation process of the IPA file.


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